If established well and properly kept up, it can last as long as three to five years with adequate maintenance and rainfall. But clover can be a top forage producer and wildlife attractor even in pure stands. While tolerant to a variety of soil types, it is known for being a poor re-seeder and not winter-hardy. Lime and fertilize as needed. You can plant alsike clover seeds with grass, or overseed the seed into grass in spring. Begin by spraying for weeds. This is one of the most important steps in establishing a quality clover planting. Below are a few links to help you with the maintenance of your clover plot. This often involves a herbicide treatment or mowing. Ladino Clover – Ladino clover is a cool-season perennial legume that spreads by stolons. This will provide information on the soil pH and fertility. Over seeding clover in food plots for deer can be done early spring or late fall. Mow the area one to two times (to a height of five to six inches) during the spring and summer to prevent weeds from overtaking the clover. Here’s a big plot of BioLogic’s Deer Radish mixed with buckwheat, winter peas, annual clover and wheat. You can plant it in the spring before full green-up, … Over seeding in clover food plots for deer is one of the easiest food plots for deer you can plant. 5 Reasons Food Plots Fail – Don’t fall victim to one of these five common food plot mistakes. Most annual clovers can be mixed with other plant types to provide different types of forage throughout the deer season. This mixture of clover and alfalfa will provide approximately 30% protein for the majority of the year for increased antler growth. White clover food plots for deer are easy to plant, last several years between plantings, and are great sources of protein for bucks and does alike. Deer love it. Always conduct a soil test prior to planting. It’s a larger variation of the clover species and offers a lot of forage for wildlife throughout most of the year. If you must plant brassicas then soil prep and germination is as easy as planting clovers. If broadcasting, I prefer to plant about 7 to 8 pounds of seed per acre. Likewise, mowing will also do great at keeping weeds at bay. Brian is responsible for amplifying NDA’s educational message for hunters through social media, e-mail, the NDA website, and Quality Whitetails magazine. Check out our stories, videos and hard-hitting how-to's on food plots and land management. But when it comes to planting and growing the stuff, it isn’t for the faint of heart. The theory behind frost seeding is that during winter, the soil surface freezes and thaws causing the soil to "honeycomb" or loosen. He came to NDA from the Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division, where he was a field operations supervisor, overseeing management of 15 Wildlife Management Areas. In my experience, deer will feed on this plant after the season, so it can make for a few easy shed hunts in the spring. Consider clover for your high quality deer plot. The leaves of chicory are highly digestible and carry a protein level between 15 and 30 percent. Whitetail Clover Planting Dates. Deer will stop for a quick bite of clover or chicory if it is on the way, but they will be hitting the acorns afterward. Elbon rye: A small grain annual plant that is similar to wheat and heavily used by deer in its early growth stages. Dates. Take a soil test – Don’t skip this important step to planting a successful food plot. Mossy Oak BioLogic has one wildlife planting that attracts turkeys as well as deer, and it’s relatively new for BioLogic – Non-Typical Clover. Outside of those windows, germination and growth success may be limited. 7. There has long been a need for a persistent, long-lived clover that is highly competitive in a mixed stand with perennial grasses or other aggressive plants including weeds. I like to have the clover in some plots year around because it greens up fast int he Spring and the deer … (It’s difficult to keep alive.) Clovers are a hot seed topic and a very versatile plant for deer … You’ll want to plant clover in the early fall or late spring. Get late-season plants for deer in the ground that will attract whitetails after the clover has shriveled and the acorns have been gobbled up. Ladino clover is highly attractive to deer and provides an excellent protein source for whitetails. This will be early March if clover is planted alone, or early February if clover is mixed with annual ryegrass. Crimson clover does not … Next, take a soil sample. Weeds will be dying, moisture will be on the increase and food … If Crimson clover is the only clover in a mixture then the seeding rate is 12-15 lb per acre. If you can have the freshest green in the area, you can draw the deer, or at least focus them on your property. It contains annual clovers of Frosty Berseem Clover and Fixation Balansa. Beets & Greens Planting Dates. These plants stay green in the winter, are normally very attractive to deer… Many food plot forages grow best when temperatures are 60-65 degrees F. These "cool-season" plants include clovers, brassicas, birdsfoot trefoil, winter peas, winter wheat and oats. Top Plants for Deer. Allow one to two weeks, or adequate die-off time, before planting. Crimson clover does not tolerate cold; in northern states it is best planted in spring as a warm-season annual. This plant is typical of most clovers with three leaflets. Crimson Clover – Crimson clover is a another cool-season annual (in southern states) that is relatively easy to grow and is more tolerant of poor soils than other clovers. Clover won’t be very productive during the first fall after it’s planted, but usually adds lots of biomass during the spring and is very attractive to both deer and turkey. It has oblong-shaped leaflets that are fairly large relative to other clovers. This perennial is a grassland and meadow species. Your approach will work too, but I just like to have clover in some plots year around because it greens up fast in the spring and the deer … Like most clovers, it has clusters of three leaflets. The food that drew this buck out of the nearby woods was one that is drawing more and more interest from sportsmen and gamekeepers every year: Deer … Ladino clover is one of several great perennial clover varieties. Mule deer travel more than whitetails do, but the muleys still like something green to eat. Lime and … Late Summer Plantings are Ideal. It’s highly nutritious, fairly hardy, and is often overlooked due to other clover variety options. Observe optimal food plot planting times listed on the bag of seed you purchase. Ladino clover can grow on a wide variety of soils, but does best on fertile, well-drained areas. Plant in mid to late July in most Midwest states, or 60-90 days before your first killing frost, Use 200#'s of 46-0-0 urea and 400#'s of 6-28-28 per acre. Though it’s an annual, arrowleaf clover is a heavy re-seeder – with the right management, you can get several seasons of production out of one planting. Our plant clover blend is versatile and will thrive in a wide range of conditions. Along comes Durana white clover, the product of Dr. Joe Bouton, renowned plant … Next, take a soil sample. PowerPlant Planting Dates. It is very cold-tolerant. Clover is a hardy plant and can thrive in most soils (sandy loams to clay) and conditions that range from full sun to partial shade. They grow about 18 inches tall and tolerate winter temperatures between 10 and 20 F. Dutch clover is a low-growing variety that tolerates … But make sure the sub-variety of white clover you choose is the right one, as they are not all equal in terms of nutrition. Spring and late-winter frost seedings are your best options. While stands of pure clover can serve as excellent deer food plots, clover is often incorporated into a seed mix with other species. mixed with other plants. However, … Coffee Braised Elk Shanks and Cheese Grits, our stories, videos and hard-hitting how-to's on food plots and land management, 12 Reasons Why Your Venison Tastes Like Hell, 10 Trees That Will Hold Deer on Your Hunting Property, 6 Killer Strategies for Late-Season Deer Hunting, Help a Brother Out: Story of a Mega Ohio 9-Pointer. As a legume, it does well in wetter climates, yet thrives in areas that many other species wouldn’t. Are you a hunter wanting to learn how to accomplish your goals? Do not disc it in, as that will put the seed too deep. Brian currently lives in Thomaston, Georgia with his wife, Tina, and his two children, Dakota and Brooke. Apr 1 - July 1. Where to Plant Clover – The ideal place for a clover plot is directly next to a wooded area.Both deer and turkeys love the safety of the woods. Over the years, we’ve covered several species of clover here at QDMA.com, as well as a variety of other topics pertinent to planting clover food plots. To put it simply, clovers are a very versatile deer forage. The extremely dry and arid southwestern region should be the only large area where growth might be significantly inhibited. Now it’s time to break ground. There is a clover species or variety for everyone in every corner of whitetail country! The best Illinois food plots for deer when the acorns are raining is acorns. The best time to plant clover in the spring is from mid-April to mid-May to coincide with spring rains. Cultipackers for Food Plots – An important part of planting clover is starting with a good firm seedbed so you don’t plant your clover seed too deep. Over the years, we’ve covered several species of clover here at, Let’s begin with profiles of several clover species worthy of your consideration. A trained wildlife biologist, Brian founded the Poor Boys Outdoors and Working Class Hunter web shows and associated media during his free time while working full time as a wildlife manager. According to NWTF wildlife biologists, there are two main groups of grasses and clovers: warm-season, which are planted in the spring, and cool-season, which are planted in the fall.