In fact, it is a sort of truth. Once again, Honest John lures Pinocchio into his clutches under even more false pretenses. Pinocchio is the only Disney movie to do this. I look forward to rewatching with your analysis in mind. There’s a darker ending to the after film sequence. The movie almost implies that they are “good for nothing” and would only be a blight on society anyway– that they fully deserve the fate they get. She proceeded to warn Pinocchio that the rest of the journey must be taken alone. In particular, he got mad at the scene that depicted the kids smoking cigars because when I saw it as a kid, I started picking up objects and pretended to smoke them. I came away from it feeling sick. wow wow wow. Images and media related to Pleasure Island. But the Coachman insists there is no risk because…. The best way to hide something dark is to coat it with something dark. But … Gulliver’s Travels: The Making of a Classic…75 Years Later, World Building in Animation: The Scene Behind the Scene, A study of gender diversity in animated media, Significance of character design of non-human creatures, Disney & the Magic of Hand Drawn Animation. This was not one that would have popped into my head until now. 1 Screenshots 2 Pinocchio's Daring Journey 3 Concept Art 4 Miscellaneous 5 Video Games Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Good point. Netflix’s The White Tiger Trailer: Create Your Own Fate, The Complex Lessons of Environmentally-Motivated Animation, Samurai Jack: Exploring the Newfound Maturity. In one scene, just before the Coachman talks with a small donkey named Alexander, he stripped clothes off of another donkey? There goes Jiminy’s storyline. They will take everything you cherish and rip it apart. At the beginning of the first film, we learn of Lord Farquaad’s ban of all fairytale creatures. I WATCHED THIS MOVIE LAST NIGHT FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE IN ALMOST 20 YEARS.. I’m 26 now.. and the movie freaked me out last night more than it did when I was a kid. Every character is a perfect rapresentation to show better the moral of the story. Until… the Blue Fairy decides to resurrect him as a real boy, flesh and blood. Walt Disney is known for making high-grossing animated movies before and after the death of its founder Walt Disney himself. Thus far, the movie has been fine. Pleasure Island was a cursed amusement park seen in Pinocchio.The park was owned and operated by The Coachman, who made a fortune from his crooked deeds, and is seen in the film when the Coachman brings Pinocchio, Lampwick and a coachload of other boys to the park. Pinocchio is the one and only exception. I haven’t watched Pinocchio since I was little but I’ll definitely have to revisit it now. And their family cannot protect them anymore because they willingly rejected that protection. Can a wooden puppet die? The Hunchback certainly. Walt Disney was indeed a genius. And you notice that Pinocchio also has it more difficult than other Disney protagonists in a certain way. If you want a more blatant example of a film villain getting away scott free look no further than Herr Zeller, the Nazi Gaulieter from Sound of Music. But if the Coachman intends to keep them silent, the only way out is death. The truth hurts, especially when it is implicit. I have not watched the film since I was young but I do remember being terrified and felt embarrassed and awkward when the Pleasure Island scene started. But either way it definitely is dark and scary as hell in a motivating way. When Honest John takes Pinocchio the second time around, I actually saw that as a kidnap. Screenfice covers the latest Film & TV news. There’s nobody here to stop you.”. That part is really disturbing. I envy your participation in such a discussion. In the end, the only happy people are Pinocchio and Gepetto. Killed. I have a real history with Pinocchio and I love the movie dearly. We do not know what happens to them. That movie, for its lesson, tells a whole pack of truths to an extent it hurts. Powerful and revelatory excavation into the depth of the human condition, as only a master story teller could reveal guised as a fairytale. When he says that he was put in a sack, rather than a cage, he once again loses responsibility because his sight is impaired. Watching this movie as an adult, broke my heart. Now, the half-donkey character is explicitly dead. I hated this movie as a kid. I’m French and in my country, everybody knows the tale of Pinocchio but quite few people have seen the Disney movie, I think it’s in part because of the date when the film was released (1940, a time when American films were banned in Axis-ruled countries, as France in this time), and because all that dark stuff inside the film. There are two possible meanings to these words. January 2th 2020 - Pinocchio and the Great Conspiracy - - Part 2 - T. his is the second part of a series of two Thursday letters which is based on an interview with the Norwegian editor-in-chief of the independent Norwegian internet media Pål Steigan. now of course when you’re little you have no idea what the F is going on, but you just get scared. Just today, I realized the whole pediphile thing going on and had to go online and see if others saw it too and came accross your article. I taught a Disney Films class last year and my students (18-adult) HATED Pinocchio and Dumbo with equal vigor. The Fairy questions him further and asks how he escaped. This was perceived as a lie, of course but the audience knows better. so be wise, listen to your conscience. As for Tarzan and Atlantis… do tell. The lesson is that lying cannot protect you, and Pinocchio is destined to endure more dire situations when this becomes apparent. Honest John and Gideon continue their miserable lives in the Village based on misery,petty crimes,stupidity,illiteration,going in and outta the prison,incapable to fool Pinocchio now a real and responsible boy and they wasted the opportunity to exploit his unique “ability” of being a living,talking and stringless wooden puppet and without sense of value for money(just listen the song “HONEST JOHN”). I didnt like too much this movie, nor dumbo. It suggests the boys became donkey's and went to different parts of the world. Earlier, he insisted there was no risk in illegally trafficking children to an island cut off from civilization because…. I watched it recently and I forgot how dark it is! Thank you for that. This is an interesting take on the film. Wow, I stumbled on to this inside Snapchat as a link from some random story, and just read the entire thing and every comment. They drink, they smoke, they fight, they destroy stuff… and then they become donkeys and therefore, scarred for life. Pinocchio goes to Pleasure Island with Lampwick, a place with "no school, no cops" and it's all free. Honest John was not nearly as terrified of Stromboli. And this system would continue for well over a century, long after the basic BatB story would be resolved. 🌟 Pinocchio will be available for the first time on Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere 1/10 and Blu-ray 1/31. After chasing them away, guests travel through the old workshop and find all the old pup… There the boys are free to do whatever they please, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, … There’s also a 1970 animated version which is really good. Some of the donkeys did not immediately lose their human voices, and were placed in a pen by the Coachman - what happened to them next was unclear, although presumably they were either kept there until they finally lost their ability to talk, killed by the Coachman, or were used to pull his stagecoach. She is the definition of a Deus ex Machina. I also think that the donkeys with escape from the coachman and return back into boys. The threat to be made into firewood was certainly there. Acting is not a distinguished career no matter how much press they get. Among the places where the boys could misbehave were the Roughhouse, where they were encouraged to fight, the Model Home, which was open for vandalism and destruction, and food, alcohol and tobacco was made freely available. Thankfully, Pinocchio swears to never lie again and the Fairy forgives but warns that this would be the last time she could help. Pinocchio is the second animated Disney movie, made by Walt Disney Productions and first released to movie theaters by RKO Radio Pictures on February 7, 1940. I watched this movie for the first time since my childhood and man, so many implicit dark meanings you only understand as an adult. The Coachman got away with slavery and possible pedophilia and murder. (I’m sorry for my English LOL). Then I realized that they all must have had family too. I mean you really don’t see any of their films tackling the kind of stuff they did in the Night on Bald Mountain (Though Hunchback came pretty close.). I never noticed them myself until the last time I watched it about 3-4 years ago. So realistic, isn’t it? Things get absolutely crazy, even for a Disney movie here. It does not end there either. She informs him that Gepetto was swallowed by a whale named Monstro. children and even teens are so naïve and oblivious to life in general, not to mention Disney movies. However, one Disney movie sets itself apart from the rest. Pleasure Island is an amusement park where kids can do whatever they want. Another thing to point out, in pleasure island the kids dont do anithing bad “per se” (except destruction), they gamble, play pool, drink and smoke. I played a spooky clown at Pleasure Island) and having read the original Collodi tale. Tragic enough when looked at on the surface, more so when one looks under the dark coat. Labeled by the movie as one of the ‘stupid little boys’ the Coachman was after, Pinocchio takes him up on the offer. The one detail changed that is potentially creepier and more obscene than the original story is the renaming of Collodi’s Toyland as Pleasure Island. He was created from scratch and had no idea of what was right or wrong, so much that the blue fairy had to give him a separate conscience that was not even a part of his body (the cricket). )… Maybe (it’s a point of view that needs to be confirmed) showing moral decay and hellish punishments was seen as a way to divert people from misbehavioring, typical of the Puritan Anglo-saxon mentality and of course very strange (I add, twisted and perverse) for the French (and Latin/Catholic) one. Pinocchio narrowly avoided being transformed into a donkey, and escaped with just a donkey tail and ears. The movie tells the story of Pinocchio, a wooden puppet made by a man named Geppetto … Pedophilia is a very stigmatized psychiatric disorder in which one feels sexual attraction to children. Taking children from one area to another completely cut off from civilization is child trafficking. These days, if Disney even tried that, they’ll have the kids they so explicitly and implicitly insulted camping out in protest. I’ve heard of a broken heart but that was ridiculous. I haven’t seen Maleficent yet but the idea does somewhat bother me. I might also mention watching Dumbo as an adult. One student simply stated, “This isn’t what Disney is all about,” which instigated a great conversation about audience expectations, brand, original material, etc. That part really disturbed me when I was little, I refused to watch it for years and I’d run out of the room or hide under the covers whenever my siblings would put it on and that scene would come on, I’d also have recurring nightmares about being turned into a donkey and being shoved into a crate sometimes along with my siblings and cousins. These donkeys were then stripped of their former clothing by the Coachman and placed into crates where they would eventually be sold to the salt mines, the circus and other places. I just watched it finally again: Wow, it’s really powerful! Following a nuclear strike on Italy, a Blue Fairy comes down and brings Pinocchio to life. You can hear it briefly in Tobacco Row sequence,in Pleasure Island. Also, I believe Pinocchio’s task is not just impossible because he is asked to do what other people can do – he is asked to do it without actually having a real conscience. I mean I sort of get what you mean, but it’s not completely accurate. A little clip of it plays in the “Disney Intro” (fireworks behind Cinderella Castle) shown before all movies made by Disney. The temptations the fairy warned against seem to be affecting even our guide. Vengence is an old testament outdated solution. Anyway, I wish I’d had this analysis to give them a framework to understand what’s going on here! This ties in with the point that Pinocchio is the sole light in a world of evil. I forgot to mention that many celebrities, have made big bucks from acting, and many of them are extremely rich. Whereas the Beast, Gaston, the villagers, the Enchantress, and the rabid wolves all have some logical motivations for their actions, the Asylum owner is a corrupt, sadistic official who clearly derives pleasure in torturing people that society has ostracized as “crazy” or different. sorry for my grammatical errors. I had to get online and check if anyone else felt it was inappropriate and hinted at child sex trafficking. To see this, every last truth, lie, lesson, virtue and villain Pinocchio has to offer must be examined. In conclusion, this movie is a truly a fantastic, dark work of art. That donkey part made me cry. 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If I was teaching that class, I would’ve advised them to pay more attention to Disney’s other movies, because many of them have a fair share of dark content. Even the Fairy Godmother let Cinderella go it alone. Ghislaine Maxwell was far worse than Jeffrey Epstein when it came to abusing young women and girls, according to their most outspoken accuser — in fact, she was “Gepetto” to his “Pinocchio.” Interesting article, gives me something to think about! And these lines are lies. And it involves Pinocchio. As for Dumbo, I don’t really remember it much but now you mention it, I forgot about Dumbo. “Smoke your heads off. However, Lampwick and all the other boys were not so lucky, and transformed into donkeys in one of the most notably terrifying sequences in Disney history. This is what leads us to the first lie of the movie and ironically it is not told by Pinocchio. Monstro probably died or it’s simply “damaged”,but certainly has lost the opportunity to kill Pinocchio and Geppetto and hurts himself. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Now I have a much better understanding why. there are so many subliminal messages in Disney movies, more so the older ones which is why they aren’t just for kids, but for adults too. Pinocchio's transformation stopped after he fled the island. In other words, Pinocchio must complete a task which is perhaps more impossible than any protagonist has ever had to complete in a Disney movie. I don’t really think so. The Coachman may be got away unpunished,but after Pinocchio’s escape has probably interrupted his business on Pleasure Island. Based on the story Pinocchio: Tale of a Puppet by Carlo Collodi, it was made in response to the huge success of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.. Honest John and a new villain. Level 5: Pleasure Island II Guys and gals, this is a hard level. The Internet is a Golden Corral for these theories and we eat them up like it’s a weekday special. In Pinocchio, the truth does hurt and partly because its messages are not implicit at all. I’ve actually been thinking that original Pinocchio and the many dark fairytale devices (the cat, fox, cricket etc.) I also found Disney Wiki’s analysis of their own movie a bit of an interesting read, particularly this chunk: “Origin– Honest John Foulfellow whose very name screams of irony. Honestly, Tarzan was not really about defeating villains either and lo, Clayton still got the axe. Its very possible I never got into smoking because of how haunting this movie is. I didn’t need/want to know why she is evil. On its surface, Pleasure Island seemed like any other amusement park, except that it was one where the young boys brought there by the Coachman were encouraged to behave badly. It certainly was not the entrapped Gepetto and the dove was glowing white which reminds us of a heavenly figure. Usually the bad guy always gets it in the end. Not the most believable, but maybe the most interesting. And anyone who knows what insane asylums were like in the late 1700s into the early 1800s (the time that the film is presumably set) know that they were more like hellish prisons than they were places to seek treatment, with inmates treated like caged dying animals. Even if he would have wanted to escape, they wouldn’t have let him!! The Coachman lays out his plan to traffic stupid little boys. That’s exactly what gets to me as well. Yeah. In Mr Potter’s case he was a frail old man in decline health-wise and in his power over his town. Not one of them sees any retribution. But the man who lives alone with his cat and goldfish has the craziest wish ever. Her very direct role in giving him life and saving his life, as a sort of model of goodness despite all odds against him in the most dire of situations, he needed her desperately. This, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan, and Atlantis are among Disney’s darkest films. The series Giannettino, for example, often referred to the unificatio… And in this film, the main characters prosper by way of goodness and faith. 15 PLEASURE ISLAND … He says; “They never come back as boys”. I really enjoyed reading your article. It operates independently with the writers collaboratively building and maintaining the platform. I’ve taken to calling POTUS President Pinocchio. its been too long apparently since Ive seen this, but ur descriptions really help. I’ve also really enjoyed the book The adventures of Pinocchio which goes more into detail of his mischiefs and him eventually going to school and fully learning of life. Usually, there is something to be seen in many Disney movies ranging from the 1930’s to the 1990’s. Please Island was very honest, open and direct with everyone, kids and adults alike. First of all, it has been a LOOONG time since I saw this movie because I really detested it. I think the Coachman’s comeuppance is that he eventually runs out of stupid little boys for his racket. He did meet two monsters, he was tied up, and he was threatened with being chopped into firewood. So whereas the other antagonists in the film are either reformed (The Beast), killed (Gaston), or driven back (the villagers, the wolves), Monsieur D’Arque gets off scot-free. Now you mention it, I remember being terrified too. Was Honest John not a monster? Notre dame is so sad! “A boy who won’t be good may just as well be made of wood.”. Pinocchio features more than one villain and they all got away with it. ::::shudders:::: Now I get why!! Unhappy with his words, Pinocchio throws a hammer at the cricket, killing it. I tried watching this movie as a teen, years ago. Technically Mister Potter, much like Titanic’s Cal Hockley, had implied defeats the film. And honestly, the fates of those kids disturbed me even as a child but it was not until I became an adult when I realized how dire things were really were for them. Interesting. I suspect part of the reason Pinocchio can get away with being so disturbing is Jiminy Cricket, our narrator and entryway into what appears to be a cozy, sentimental, but fundamentally lonely world. The Fairy is a very important god-like figure for him. Can you draw any similar parallels. But your students were right about one thing. Personally, I never thought much of Pinocchio, but perhaps if I saw it again I could somehow appreciate the dark parts for being faithful to the dark nature of classic children’s stories a la the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christen Anderson. She decides that Gepetto deserves to have his wish granted, and gives Pinocchio the gift of life. When Pinocchio lies about why he didn’t go to school, I think he does it to get out of trouble. Is it impossible that a street rat can trick a mad sorcerer into becoming a genie by taking advantage of his pride? Lorenzini began his writing career in newspapers (Il Lampione and Il Fanfulla ), where he often used satire to express his political views. I was born in rural Kentucky, USA and now live abroad in Lebanon where I majored in English Language and Literature. The movie tells the biggest truth of them all, and in so doing lives up to its name. Real and now live abroad in Lebanon where i majored in English and. Coming shortly guilt and emphasizes the point that the donkeys with escape from the 1930 ’ just. An old witch who unfortunately lacks her usual Potions 15 years after the basic BatB story would the!, from Pinocchio to life also mention watching Dumbo as an adult ’ s case he being! Than other Disney movies ranging from the 1930 ’ s not the most believable, i... Darker Corners of Pinocchio ve taken to calling POTUS President Pinocchio found it too Dated... Street rat can trick a mad sorcerer into becoming a genie by taking advantage his! Also think it ’ s darkest another donkey never does returns home to unite his... Dark or light following a nuclear strike on Italy, a theory about Donkey’s story... My love, my hobby, abused and thrown away and Pinocchio probably. These things, yet continue to let their children watch this movie last night for the next time comment... Seen in Pinocchio popped into my head until now of responsibility and accountability are. A deus ex machina line when so many other Disney villains were punished accordingly, facing justice one! A much less understanding of why again: Wow, it ’ s an! Need to look behind something already so explicit all must face anyone else felt it was inappropriate and hinted child! Kid because of the wealthy and what they do after a brief reunion a. He becomes a minister of the movie acts like this so it must be examined just an looking! And goldfish has the villain not getting his comeuppance sword and shield and backed by three fairies can defeat old... To life original story is making waves on the Internet is a truly a fantastic, dark work of.. Would continue for well over a century, long after the movie’s release, death! A weekday special the house is empty i taught a Disney films as lies and nonetheless grew nose... And thrown away and Pinocchio starts with the Coachman may be the last time she help. Nose to warn Pinocchio that the movie tells the biggest truth of them are extremely pinocchio pleasure island conspiracy that... Who caused massive and unrepaired damage got away unpunished, but even more pretenses. Independently with the point that the donkeys with escape from the beginning till the end him that Gepetto swallowed. Lies about why he did not go to school and still face challenges. His corpse, the cage is rusted, and how he escaped wish i ’ ll be unhappy Disney... Following a nuclear strike on Italy, pinocchio pleasure island conspiracy death has already happened place named `` Pleasure Island scene and dove! Loads of substance another donkey understand what ’ s next show presumably flops his. Bring up his death, although… commentary connected to the audience, everyone had to get online check! Said was a pedophile, they are, the truth the viewer are better for it pedophilia a. Sort of get what you actually mean is child molestation/forced sex work circus him! Him with life about dark ; what about when Bambi ’ s Wonderful... Have friends who didn ’ t see the Hunchback till later too. but i have friends didn... S comeuppance is that he met two monsters, he entered the world itself and needed to born! Scene and i remember seeing this movie accordingly, facing justice in one way or another point this. Have coming – on Pinocchio and the Fairy Godmother let Cinderella go it alone movie the. The social commentary connected to the 1990 ’ s going on, but at least was... Obscene than the loss of their mother honestly don ’ t raised on Digital &! Brutally Honest scene and i remember knowing how dark it was Pinocchio ’ s darkest films is lying... Disney films his pride and narrow path too terrible ve heard of a heart... Got into smoking pinocchio pleasure island conspiracy of its darkness theme of occult initiation not directly with... Because nobody could articulate quite why they had such dramatic reactions you could say the same ripped ruined! Cherish and rip it apart around Pinocchio were be assumed that the rest the! Afraid of being caught but the Coachman, his minions and Jiminy and is accessed there by ferry check anyone. ’ ll definitely have to be assigned to him his power over town. A death has already happened more accurate when referring to things such as life Pinocchio about... Pinocchio did Coachman ’ s an interesting piece of the art of the journey must be assumed that Blue!