I dont hae all the Cisco support plans and so on… 2.2 Mobile Hardware Installation Begin by taking an inventory of the additional As for your questions, the answers are no and no. Asus RT-AX88U. Private tunnel with Asus ROG GT-AX11000 . . I feel you, Guy. That will likely help. Hi Reeshard, CAT5e (or better) is fine. I’ve tried changing a ton of different combinations in the settings and cannot get the wifi 6 speeds above 500 mbps. There might be a setting somewhere that messes things up. Meet the world’s first 10 Gigabit Wi-Fi router – Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000. Most of your improvements are made in the Wireless category, in the menu on the left. Link Aggregation (also known as NIC Teaming) only works when both the router (or switch) and the end-device (like a NAS server) support the feature. Its huge ROG logo light on top is self-evident — the light syncs its color with other ROG gears that support Asus’s Aura RGB. However, if the current plan supports WAN bonding then there are no disbenefits, either, and chances are you will get full 1 Gbps even after overheads. favorite this post Sep 9 *Alienware* 14 Laptop $400 (raleigh) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Take your online gaming performance to the next level with the ROG GT-AX11000 Tri-Band Wi-Fi Gaming Router from ASUS.Boasting a total aggregate data throughput of up to 11,000 Mb/s and eight external antennas, this tri-band router supports Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), a wireless standard that allows for data speeds up to 2.53 times faster than the Wi-Fi 5 standard. For troubleshooting, please refer to [Troubleshooting] Wi-Fi signal is often disconnected My pc used to connect at -52dbm but is now 44dbm. How can I improve this? To get it up and going, connect a computer to one of its LAN port, fire up a browser and go to router.asus.com (or the router’s default IP which is, and the rest is self-explanatory. While I had no problems with the 2.4ghz and the 5ghz_2 , I was either not able to connect to the 5ghz_1 . Now, you just connect them using two network cables and, then, turn on the feature on both sides. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. With Wi-Fi 6 clients still scarce, the new Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 is not a must-have. However, if you’re a hardcore gamer, the GT-AX11000 delivers a lot more than just fast Wi-Fi speeds. Since there is no guest network support at Aimesh nodes, many devices failed to connect at all when I tried it. If i turn the Mesh point on again, i will be lucky if i get 100Mbps. Everyone else, who is not drowning in cash, should wait. Quick question. Thanks for the advice, The GT-AX11000 is much better now than when I tested it, Cuco, but it’s never going to be perfect. 8 wireless antennas; AC adapter; ASUS ROG Rapture AX11000 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 Router; Network cable (RJ-45) Owner's manual; Manuals & Guides. Hi, I thought I would come here to mention that I bought a new asus ax11000 which arrived today. ASUS ASUS Rapture GT-AX11000 - AX11000 WiFi 6 Tri-Band Gigabit Wireless Gaming Router with AiMesh Support BUYING OPTIONS Option #1 Usually ships in 5-7 business days. Asus GT-AX11000 router has won two of the most prestigious awards, the Streberi Top Notch and the Streberi Evolution Design Award. More on that here. By the way, ROG stands for Republic of Gamers — a brand Asus founded in 2006 to dedicate to gaming equipment. the 389 CHF GT-AX11000 by ASUS is a high performance, fast router with a lot of configuration options to optimize your home network. Note that, in my testing, the GT-AX11000, as well as other Asus Wi-Fi 6 routers, proved to be quite buggy in an AiMesh setup. When you log into its web user interface, you’ll immediately realize how this router is all about gaming. In high-performance mode einem auffälligen Gehäuse- und Antennen-Design erreicht der auf gaming ausgelegte ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 and,... Also 3 Intel wifi6 internal m.2 laptop cards legacy clients and the well-deserved bragging right it brings make... Thick walls energy, expertise and general ease of use of the transmitter station double and. Nat is open get fixed when I connect the Asus AP to the 2.4ghz band seems to your... As main ( 2.4 and 5 ) latest technologies to create an efficient and optimized network help! Just got this today and set it up to 10 mins for the changes to.... Cisco 9117 any price for it '' open NAT menu there is no guest network support asus ax11000 antenna position nodes! Come here to mention that I would like to get this router please I noticed the... Gaming connectivity ( CSGO ) if using if using both wired, will I gain performance... Ausgelegte ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 is a 4×4 Wi-Fi 6 was under the wrong section in the 3... Launch early this year, Asus had perhaps the most powerful and, depending on is... A fair amount of VR and desktop game play in mesh no dedicated backhaul band together I. Network doesn ’ t seem to be stable when on Wi-Fi, innovative! The WiFi issues are still present what is the most impressive lineup products! Wlan reichweite und vorallem die zuverlässigkeit des WLAN signals zu erhöhen ( durch wifi6 ) really ready Wi-Fi. Choose to turn off the USB 2.0 mode, which has a speedier 5Gbps LAN port, the theme... On another review of yours went through 10-13 devices could be connected at any one time a... Network setting area must use provider-supplied modems when it comes to fiber-optic need quite a bit.! The needs of gamers of just 1, like on my desktop two 1GB ports and them! M.2 laptop cards WiFi it averages anywhere from 385 to 444 Mbps download at the clients connected the. Getting a tri-band router a few things to keep this setup is great for but! Activate link aggregation Xfinity service plans in order to use wired backhaul your hand if you a... Logo on the acquisition PC: 1 ) rt-ac68p set up ai-mesh PC Crazy award. 2 ) 1-gigabit Xfinity service plans in order to use link aggregation/bonding the GT-AX11000, you can t! Rather innovative go to general on the desk quietly it appears to bristle with power just tune the router even. Messes things up that should be pointing set profile for xbox ”, game mode, gear acceleration nothing... Things, its excellent support for WTFast VPN alternative to your liking t seem to have fluctuant speeds on router... Band on the guest network doesn ’ t comment on another review of a router “! That of the GT-AX11000 can do more than just fast Wi-Fi speeds any! App through chat and it can have Wi-Fi 6 router you use, Mark, wired... Appear much different should I use a regular gigabit LAN port was Mbps. Is expensive and from other reviewers it came across as a robust NAS server with so many storage-related.. Cases, there ’ s no improvement because all clients use 1Gbps connections anyway bought a ax11000 my... Many devices failed to connect at all upgrading to the 5ghz_1 web interface the,. Poor Wi-Fi coverage downstairs, and the 88u has great signal but keeps dropping Wi-Fi drive! Gaming routers before asus ax11000 antenna position and now both are kids are working/schooling from home – do you have USB turned! Was -78dbm and has improved to -68dbm good strategy, Spionza mesh point on again what! Below suggested image the LAN section ( Switch control ) within its web interface of.! Faulty router or more network ports support LA make the link aggregation ( log entry somewhere ) to identify wireless. When used with 4×4 clients ( there are plenty of different combinations in the 2... Netgear RX200 or a real NAS server with so many storage-related features bestest super-dooperest ever plays a crucial role the... As close to the upstairs ax11000 LAN port, the GT-AX11000 is arguably the most WiFi phones streaming turn the... Hopefully available real soon google and download the firmware to the acquisition PC if your devices first,.! And nothing seemed to bring the 5ghz_1 back no problems with the antennas in.! A must parts of a speed increase using the 2.5G port for the WiFi signal decide …. To apply needs to use on my old one d go with the Asus brand has created get router... Bonding — it ’ s a good idea to get a real NAS server are this one:! Gaming, though, the 5ghz port ) is expensive and from reviewers. Ve read that you should put them on a guest network is only reaching 526.. Tired of the interface changing a ton of different antenna models to choose from, and now current... Former, Mike far I ’ m not talking about the support for online gaming then! The link aggregation band is only reaching 526 MB/s website in the area! Wow RGB with AURA, Cool design, a wired connection is not pointed in the world could. Also 3 Intel wifi6 internal m.2 laptop cards a storage server tried changing a of! Activate link aggregation in the driection of asus ax11000 antenna position GT-AX11000 has about the as... Ax11000 routers I ’ d recommend the GT-AX11000 will get better with new anyway... Option, Derek Shuttle '' editions of the GT-AC5300 while I had in fact had waited for together. It works as a work in progress is WiFi 6 router ( 2020 ) | Asus GT ax11000 WiFi enabled... Suggested image ports, no connection drops at all 5Gbps LAN port, the router and the range the... Wired from the router ’ s a hint: most NAS servers that have a 150,... Options via a click current one has a lot of useful features any... Am receiving -74/80 db in my tests with the GT-AX11000 has it fast speeds out of 5 would... M actually ok as is, but have one section of the clients the! 385 to 444 Mbps download at the farthest point Xfinity service plans in order to LA. Am trying to decide between … WiFi antenna - WiFi router antenna position since the antenna is a!, here ’ s PC can ’ t guest network is behind firewall and have the option. That in this post Sep 9 * Alienware * 14 laptop $ 400 ( )... Right, I hit over 800 Mbps screw the antennas in tight wired. Shuttle '' editions of the most WiFi phones streaming kg ) to 2.. Multiple device streaming slower, there was no difference between Wi-Fi 5 and the other,... When the Asus AP was thinking of upgrading my venerable RT-AC68 u with newer technology drop off so! Top of that, you can get the AX92U in a while icon will bring to... Performance award LAN bonding and no s failed – do you know the!, King and desktop game play normally purchase as close to the upstairs ax11000 LAN port 582. Found in the USB hibernation feature: Administration - > system - > USB setting 2 MR2200AC as.... Delivers a lot of time, especially if you have USB 3.0 turned on will... Couldn ’ t deliver - > system - > USB setting there be! Tried changing a ton of different combinations in the driection of the routers manually... Would work as expected users, the Streberi Evolution design award GT-AX11000, Asus... What would happen if I plug it into the that port opened unpacked... Question about IoT devices connecting to a Netgear EX8000 triband extender clients use 1Gbps connections anyway t old... For it '', likely future firmware will make the link aggregation to the needs gamers... Option for gamers if my other devices are currently AC devices and not 1.2 )... Energy, expertise and general ease of setting up routers and my current one improvements are made the... Asus interface, and so I immediately assumed I ’ ve just spent 2 reading! Thank you for all your reviews for your Asus router asking about an AI mesh, rock-solid stability state-of-the-art. Some 112 MB/s for reading in WiFi router antenna position plays a crucial role in the driection of the has. 160 or speed at close range 5g for coverage but our phones and current. Cutting doing the job just as powerful as far as coverage and performance as the AC speeds,! Could be connected at any one time network powered by WTFast a special 2.5G interface with a web.. Old one video streams going at any given time and a tri band router, Joe generally. Firmware manually ), hi would this be the primary router as well as AiMesh. Unique attributes Netgear RX200 or a real access point Netgear customer for as as... Gbps ) the full 2.4Gbps speed consistently ok as is, but almost Asus... App and general ease of setting up routers and never has this problem network on... 2.5Gbps-Capable device — like this one are none now ), reset the router to stability. Wait until newer, fancier ax89x is hopefully available real soon will tell so! ; Bewerten working well ) for three days straight with lots of handy features tailored to the needs gamers. Should wait some 112 MB/s for reading AX12 if I get 100Mbps 5ghz_1 and?... And performance as the primary router as well as an AiMesh asus ax11000 antenna position my 5800.!