The main market sells a wide variety of essentials, such as food, bath products, school supplies, and household items. 1 in the Assessment of First-level Discipline announced by China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC). Please enter your email address. 4.76 ... History Experience New Mexico State University August 2014 - May 2015 Donghua University Songjiang Campus Department of Foreign Languages June 2013 - June 2014 New Mexico State University August 2012 - … Address: Gold Garden City, 1310 Ding Xi … Yuquan Campus: Campus Network Center on the 6th floor of library; Zijingang Campus: Administrative Hall of in Nano Building. Songjiang Campus (Main Campus) West Yan'an Rd. A great number of overseas students from 83 countries have graduated from the university. Donghua University Libraries consists of two major facilities: West Yan’an Road Campus Branch and Songjiang University Town Campus Branch. The leading disciplines of Donghua University are Textile, Fashion, Materials and Trade, etc. Thereafter, international student education has developed by leaps and bounds, and for several successive year, its scale’s growth ranks top among the higher education institutions all over the country. Alabama Library Association. The main campus of SUES is located in Songjiang University Town, covering an area of 80 hectares. Direction to Donghua University Songjiang Campus Address: No.2999, North Renmin Rd., Songjiang, Shanghai. Apart from the 83th World Textile Conference, Donghua University has held many high-leveled international academic conferences such as International Academic Forum for PhD Students on Textile Science & Engineering, the 25th International Data Engineering Conference, 2009 American Fiber Society Conference, and International Conference on Environmental Science & Technology, etc. Please complete the form below so we can best support you. Yes, Fundamental Math and Basic Math for Commerce I are required courses. 1830. Xuhui Campus: No. It has been appointed by Shanghai Municipal Government to accept international students with Shanghai Government Scholarship. Located in Shanghai, Donghua University is composed of the Yan’an Road Campus at the downtown area and the Songjiang Campus at the historical cradle of the city. Besides, many research achievements have found applications in the fields of aviation and aerospace, military, construction, environmental protection, new materials, etc., special contributions have been made to China’s Manned Space Projects such as Shenzhou V, Shenzhou VI and Shenzhou VII. It covers an area of nearly 2,000 acres and has a total construction area of 780,000 square meters. You can book different types of rooms in Donghua University online on CUCAS easily. Back to results. Students who live on campus must abide by Regulations on Dormitory for International Students in Zhejiang University. Just near the Students Activity Center and first dining hall on campus, there are Education supermarket, post office, book store, and university performance hall( Jin xiu hui tang). Located in Shanghai, Donghua University consists of the Yan’an Rd. She steadily pushes forward the development of joint programs such as Donghua-Carleton IMBA, Sino-German Education for Bachelor Degree of Light Chemical Engineering, and Sino-Japan Education for Bachelor Degree of Fashion Design & Engineering. 2999 North Renmin Road, Songjiang District 201620, Shanghai. Donghua University, International Programs Masters Degrees. Zhongshan can be reached within 20 minutes by either bus or metro system. The book store sells both books for school as well as pleasure reading. Mingwei Zhao, Director of International Cooperation Office. The history of Donghua University can be traced back to the establishment of Nantong College in 1912 by Zhang Jian, a famous industrialist in Qing dynasty. Songjiang University Town or Songjiang University City (Chinese: 松江大学城; pinyin: Sōngjiāng dàxuéchéng) is a tertiary education hub located in the outskirts of Shanghai in Songjiang District.. The total number of its research theses abstracted in SCI, EI and ISTP was more than the total amount of the other nine famous textile institutions worldwide for two successive years. General Study Program . 86-15021834390 tel. This one in SongJiang is bigger and more relaxing. Xinglongshan Campus (Undergraduate) (Address: 12550 Erhuan Donglu, Jinan, P. R. China 250002 ) School of Material Science and Engineering. Campus Map. The Catholic University of America; Georgetown University; and George Washington University. These are all available to students and can be used by showing your student ID card. Copyright 2014 Songjiang Campus:2999 North Renmin Road 201620,Yan'an Road Campus: 1882. The library is also home to the international student library, a world-class multimedia reading room and reading center with a library of Chinese language learning materials, dictionaries and other publications. ... 【Learning】Virtual Summer Courses 2020—University Alliance of the Silk Road (UASR) 2020-07-11 ... A Bird's Eye View of DHU Songjiang Campus in Summer; Financial Aid Eligible Qualify to take the ASCP Molecular Biology (MB) and the Microbiology (M) Board of Certification examinations* Finish both degrees fully online if you are an Since 1995, it successfully hosted the International Fashion Forum during the Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival. The university has Songjiang Campus, Yan’an Road Campus, and Xinhua Road Campus, located in Songjiang District and Changning District, covering an area of 2,000 acres and a construction area of more than 780,000 square meters. Located in Shanghai, Donghua University is composed of the Yan’an Road Campus at the downtown area and the Songjiang Campus at the historical cradle of the city. In the University town, there are quite a lot shopping places, from TESCO supermarket to a common fashion shop., around the campus, there are lots of shops like hair salons, book stores, fruit shops, electricity device shops, cafe, DVD shops on Wenhui street. School of Mechanical Engineering It has 12 colleges and schools, offering 54 undergraduate programs, 59 master’s degree programs, 30 doctoral degree programs, and 5 postdoctoral research programs, among which are 6 state key d… Most of these resources are free for students; however, tennis court usage requires an hourly fee. 2. The history of Donghua University can be traced back to the establishment of Nantong College in 1912 by … She has established cooperative relationships with over 60 institutions for higher education as well as well-known enterprises around the world. Donghua University (DHU), formerly China Textile University, was founded in 1951. It is in charge of the teaching of cultural and moral elective courses together with the construction and development of Student Art Troupe. John Cabot University and the American University of Rome. Salt River Project. Search for more papers by this author Important Notice: 1. Donghua University. All the facilities they provide for us students are definitely suitable for studying. There is also Parksons Mall about a ten minutes walk away with shops and restaurants focused more toward foreign tastes. Some popular clubs available are the iTalk Language and Culture Exchange Club, Snap Photography Club, Musicians Club, ICES Chamber Choir, and various dance clubs. The complex includes a supermarket, a technology shop, an optical services shop, a book store, hair salon, and various other small shops selling everything from beauty products to accessories. It is located in Shanghai, China’s financial and economic heart. The University Libraries are a strategic asset for the University, providing intellectual leadership and extraordinary information experiences toward the advancement of knowledge. Located in the downtown area in Shanghai and adjacent to Hongqiao Economic Development Zone, DHU is one of the state-key universities directly under the Ministry of Education of China. Donghua University, Center for Advanced Low-Dimension Materials, 2999 Renmin Road, Songjiang District, 201620 Shanghai, CHINA. Located in the middle of the West Yan’An Campus is the Student Service Center. Lost your password? Contact Information. 自驾车路线 / Driving Route 请使用您的GPS导航系统,确定终点地址为 松江区人民北路2999号 Please use your GPS navigation system, setting target location as “No.2999, North Renmin Rd., All Locations. Donghua University has two campuses. The history of Donghua University can be traced back to the establishment of Nantong College in 1912 by … 1515. For those interested in journalism, there is always need for editors, writers, and photographers for the Campus Times Newspaper Monthly Edition and The Chronicle, which is our annual international student yearbook. 5. U Mobile. 86-21-67792152 email. Discipline. She has successfully hosted such major international conferences as International Fashion Forum of Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival and the 83rd World Conference of Textile Institute. 4.Do I have to learn Math? The university town was established in 2000 and foundations built in … Donghua University. Location. Almost all of undergraduate programs, postgraduate and research programs are open to international students. Located in Shanghai, Donghua University is composed of the Yan’an Road Campus at the downtown area and the Songjiang Campus at the historical cradle of the city. Donghua University has always paid great attention to international exchange and cooperation. With the intensified and systematical schedule and contents, students can improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills that are indispensable for future careers or studies in China in a short period. So no matter your sports preference, there is sure to be something available for your fitness needs. Academic achievements have found applications in areas such as aeronautics, military science, new material, architecture, and environment protection. Donghua University > International Programs. As early as 1954, DHU commenced to accept international students who were among the first group of overseas students enrolled by Chinese universities. 1882, West Yan'an Road, Changning District Shanghai Business School It is one of the top business universities in Shanghai. School of Microelectronics. In Rome, Italy. It has established cooperation with more than 100 famous universities, research centers and enterprises all over the world. E-mail address: I really love the environment in Donghua University. Contact 360Cities to License this Panorama DongHua University has a campus in Shanghai and another one in SongJiang district. When put on a lawn at the Donghua University campus, the bags looked like huge pillows and attracted people to lie on them and enjoy the sunshine. Donghua University values international cooperation and exchanges. International engagement. DHU Library West Yan’an Road Campus Branch is a newly renovated five story state-of-the-art facility occupying a massive 9266 square meters. Course Type. DHU Library is also a strategic partner with over 60 institutions from more than 50 countries, providing students and visitors with access to a vast pool of resources. There are over 2700 faculty members and nearly 30,000 enrolled students. The campus environment is pleasant and it is the “Shanghai Garden Unit”. Software Park Campus (Address: Middle of Shunhua Road, Jinan, P. R. China 250101) School of Software. Donghua University (DHU) has 3 campus: Yan’an Road Campus, Songjiang Campus, Off-campus Accommodation . Clear Search. "Donghua University was my first choice when I first came to Shanghai, and now I can't imagine going to another university. 2271, West Zhongshan Road, Xuhui District The Zhongshan Park shopping center is a favorite among students with many amenities, such as a Carrefour, international designer stores, banks, and restaurants. This is where students can buy most of their daily necessities.