Soil Amendments. You also want to remove any flowers. Experienced enough, you can grow the plant in almost any type of soil. If this happens, your African violet is rootbound. You do not need a special “African violet” potting mix. While violets can grow in potting soil, mix in additional substances for the best chance of success. But African violets are also extremely sensitive and not many people know how to take care of them properly – seemingly simple things, such as how to repot African violets, are incredibly important to keep your plant happy and healthy. Most growers should be fine buying commercial mixes, judging the soil by how it feels, not the label. Simply because, the longer the neck, the more portion of the root ball you need to cut. endobj African violets can be quite troublesome to water. I don’t think I’d be good at making my own potting mixture and the ingredients on the back of these bags I’ve seen so far don’t even mention perlite. African violet soil. Cacti mix. Otherwise, repotting should be done once a year or when the plant outgrows its current pot causing the roots to grow around the rootball. If it still doesn’t loosen, you may need to slide a knife around the edges. Indicators that the plant is not getting enough fertilizer include pale leaf colors. Lightly Water Your Newly Potted African Violet Revitalizing older violets African Violet Pro tip: How cold is it in your home? This special potting soil can be used for other plants that need a light soil mixture. Below we go over some general tips to help your African violets stay healthy before and after repotting. Question: I have heard that fireplace ashes (finely sifted) are a good additive for African violet soil. For our DIY recipe, we recommend using two parts of African violet soil mix. Black Magic AV Potting Soil (pH 6.4), 2 qts. Plus, your African violet will be free of any damaged or dead leaves and plucked of any flowers. You can purchase potting soil that is just for African Violets. Careful not to let it dry out completely, however. SOIL RECIPE FOR AFRICAN VIOLETS by Nancy Robitaille Most often when you buy soil that has "African Violet" written on it, it is not really the best soil for your plants. Note: this task becomes more difficult the longer you have gone without repotting. 4 0 obj NPK – 15-45-15. An open and friable potting mix is essential for this easy way of watering to be a success A reasonably good size reservoir, holding about a cup of water, can last an African violet for more than a week, even in summer, and perhaps much longer in winter. To every one gallon of mix, add 1 tablespoon of lime. I’ll be watching for tips on the leaves. For African Violets, the pH should be between 5.8 and 6.2. But when properly taken care of, African violets can grow to have a palm-like trunk, with the lower rows of leaves disappearing. Repotting African Violets: How to Repot African Violets in 6 Easy Steps. Coarse Materials. <> African Violet Pro-tip: Place small pieces of pottery shards (plastic also works) over the drainage hole. I didn’t and whether you do it this way is up to you.) Potting Mix / Soil to encourage wick watering in African Violet plants? Answer: Personally, we’ve never used fireplace ashes in our soil, though we do use horticultural charcoal, at a ratio of 2 cups charcoal to every 5 gallons of soil mix. Feel the soil for moistness. Most growers prefer to mix their own soil which is actually a soil-less mix. At this point, the plant should no longer have the lower portion of the rootball. This rare plant will require a slightly acidic to neutral soil so keep the soil pH from 6.1-7.3. Another recipe is to go for a loam-based heavy potting mixture that contains peat moss and sand. I’ve got a semi mini trailing (Rob’s Vanilla Trail) African violet due for repotting soon. Perlite. bone meal, 1c. Most standard-size African violet varieties can be grown in 4” size pots without any problems. [4] 3 0 obj Go for fluffy soils with light consistency – avoiding heavier soil mixes. Plants like African violets are often grown in a soil-less potting media made up of peat moss (left), perlite (center) and vermiculite (left). Start off with at least 1 cup of peat moss. That is because of the addition of nonsoil amendments. Experienced growers should be familiar with wick watering, which, while appropriate, tends to be problematic for people just starting out. African violet mixes also are slightly more acid than regular house-plant potting soil. ground eggshells, 2c. bag Envee African Violet potting soil, 2c.

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