Réf 7551, livré en hauteur 30/40 cm en Pot de 7,5L/10L. Javascript est désactivé dans votre navigateur. We have found 7 Items. Berries deep metallic-blue. Vibernum tinus is an evergreen shrub with an upright, rounded habit. 1/2 Standard Viburnum Plants 80cm Stem: Established 1/2 standard plants, beautiful evergreen plants that start flowering in late August and continue right through winter. And, due to their fibrous root system, they are easy to transplant. Each plant is approx 3 feet tall. Nothing at all wrong with the plants, just wasn't the look we were after. Accommodant, il tolère tout type de sol et d'exposition. V. tinus ‘Variegatum’ – Variegated foliage as the name suggests, not widely offered in Australia. Cupressocyparis Leylandii Gold Rider (Leyland Cypress) – 3 Balls. Portuguese laurel half standard. They are formal, showy plants which are shaped from small trees or shrubs. Flattened heads of white flowers form throughout winter and are followed by dark blue-black fruit, however these may only appear of planted in the vicinity of other Viburnums. Growing well in part shade to full sun this Viburnum also does well in coastal conditions. Italian Cypress Trees. Viburnum is a genus of about 150–175 species of flowering plants in the moschatel family Adoxaceae.Its current classification is based on molecular phylogeny. Family Adoxaceae . Viburnum bushes provide a lot of bang for the buck. Diese Sorte ist im Freiland allerdings im Winter oft laubabwerfend. Laissez votre avis. Buy Viburnum Tinus Plants at Best Prices. Lady Campbell pictured) can all be trained at home. They range in size from 2 feet tall by 2 feet wide for the dwarf American cranberry bush to 12-feet tall by 10-feet wide for the wayfaring tree. More information on Viburnum on our blog. V. tinus ‘Eve Price’- A smaller rounded form with white flowers. Tree Ferns. Sometimes on the same plant and often by grafting on to a more reliable root and stem stock. La langue française est parfois facétieuse ! Domed heads of fragrant white flowers emerge from white buds in spring, beautifully set off by the … These particular Viburnum Tinus Eve Price Topiary quarter & half standard trees look great when planted in pairs in containers (or in the ground). Super Fast Next Day Delivery Available Height: 60 stem Pot Size: 5 Litre NB We try our best to […] Crown shape rounded. Buxus sempervirens. Tree types half-stem trees solitary shrubs. Reaching 3 -4 … 30/40cm). Details 'Eve Price' is a bushy, medium-sized evergreen shrub with broadly oval, leathery dark green leaves and, from late winter, flattened clusters of deep pink buds opening to small, starry white flowers. Viburnum Tinus Lucidum Full Standard Tree. Privet full standards. Réf 75511, À propos de Viorne, Laurier Tin - Viburnum tinus, Laurier palme et Laurier du Portugal : planter, tailler et entretenir, Rustique -10°C , Zone de rusticité USDA Zone 8a, Zone 8b, Zone 9a, Zone 9b, Zone 10a, Argilo-calcaire (lourd et alcalin), Argilo-limoneux (riche et léger), Caillouteux (pauvre et filtrant), Calcaire (pauvre, alcalin et drainant), Commande vérifiée #####4097 du 2 décembre 2018, Commande vérifiée #####8915 du 2 décembre 2019, Commande vérifiée #####4533 du 12 mai 2019, Commande vérifiée #####9493 du 16 février 2019, Tulipes à fleurs violettes, mauves et pourpres, Asters à fleurs violettes, mauves ou pourpres, Pivoines Itoh - Pivoines intersectionnelles, Vivaces à fleurs violettes, mauves et pourpres, Vivaces à feuillage remarquable, de A à Z, Vivaces à feuillage sombre, noir ou pourpre, Lilas des Indes - Lilas d'été - Lagerstroemia, Palmiers rustiques et résistants au froid, Arbustes à feuillage sombre, pourpre ou noir, Arbustes pour climat océanique et de bord de mer, Arbustes pour sol drainant et caillouteux, Graines de Centranthus - Valériane des jardins, Graines de Coloquintes et Courges décoratives, Graines de pavot de Californie (Eschscholzia), Graines de fleurs pour bouquets secs - Fleurs séchées, Plants potagers en pots, mottes et godets, Graines de Tomates anciennes et de collection, Calendrier des semis et plantations mois par mois, Toiles de paillage conventionnelles pour le jardin, Toiles de paillage biodégradables pour le jardin, Amendements pour potager et jardin ornemental, Mycorhizes, activateurs racinaires et pralins, Visites de jardins, portraits de jardiniers, Questions de jardiniers, réponses d'expert, 16 clients ont laissé leur avis sur cette plante. These lovely quarter standard lollipop-shaped topiary trees have a ball of foliage and flower on a clear stem. Viburnum tinus is one of a number of trees and shrubs that requires little by way of pruning and will quickly regenerate from old wood. Plant to take advantage of the scent. White flowers from Dec-Aprilfollowed by dark blue fruit. Ilex 'Nellie R Stevens' Mixed Topiary standards. VIBURNUM TINUS LUCIDUM – French Laurustinus. The fruit can cause a mild stomach upset if ingested. Buy. The flowering period is from October to June. Location park large garden small garden cemetery traffic areas, industrial zones. Viburnum Tinus Eve Price is slow growing. Mature evergreen trees 4M tall with clear stems, making a very useful stilted screen. Viburnum tinus (laurustinus or laurustine) is a species of flowering plant in the family Adoxaceae, native to the Mediterranean area of Europe and North Africa. VIBURNUM TINUS LUCIDUM – French Laurustinus Characteristics French Lauristinus is a vigorous evergreen shrub or small tree with a dense, rounded crown. Types of planting. The fruit is a dark blue-black. Box lollipops, Box ball head. Appréciant les sols très draiants et supportant bien la taille, il est bien adapté à la culture en grand pot . Feb 15, 2015 - Viburnum Tinus Lucidum has bright green glossy foliage & white flowers. Portugugese laurel. After the flowers have finished they can be pruned to retain the shape. Evergreen shrubs Viburnum tinus Eve Price and Skimmia both show pink buds throughout winter and have white flowers in spring. And it's evergreen too, and totally hardy, although the leaves may suffer a little cosmetic cold damage below … Apr 5, 2015 - For the shaded border in front of the girls' playroom. Le froid arrive, il est encore temps de protéger les végétaux. Viburnum tinus is an evergreen shrub that is easy to grow and adds interest to the garden all year round.. Height 251-300cm. Viburnum x burkwoodii This is one of my very favourite flowering shrubs. We use cookies to improve your experience. December DiscountBuy Online With Safe Contactless Deliveries - Buy Now Deliver Later Options... Viburnum Tinus Lucidum Full Standard Tree. As an unusual alternative to the standard lollipop topiary – Viburnum topiary trees look beautiful when covered in a snow-like haze … Use them to line a path or walkway or on either side of an entrance. Download PDF. May 29, 2014 - Stock Photo 4141-12552: Download standard viburnum viburnum tinus flowering in pot by door species native to mediterranean region Stock Photos. Easy to grow, fully hardy. Buxus sempervirens. Search over 12 million royalty free images and rights managed stock photography Box lollipops, Box ball head. The leaves are evergreen, elliptical, long and broad. I have four healthy Viburnum tinus 'Fresh White' (half standard) plants for sale in plastic pots. Use a row of full standards to form an airy … From: £ 89.95 Buy Now. Les commandes comportant uniquement des graines sont livrées sous enveloppe, par courrier. French Lauristinus is a vigorous evergreen shrub or small tree with a dense, rounded crown. They are slightly larger than the leaves of lauristinus (Viburnum tinus). Viburnum tinus. En climat très rude, il peut être utile de le pailler au moment des grands froids. Viburnum tinus is a dense, evergreen shrub with dark and oval, glossy leaves, which contrast beautifully with fragrant pinkish-white flowers, followed by dark black fruit. Grow Viburnum tinus in moist but well-drained soils in full sun to partial shade. Par une telle publication sur le Site, les Utilisateurs ont conscience d'engager leur responsabilité en tant qu'éditeur du Contenu au sens de la loi, et accordent sur le dit Contenu, pour toute la durée de publication, à Promesse de fleurs, une licence non exclusive, gratuite, mondiale, incluant les droits de reproduction, de représentation, de chargement, d’affichage, d’exécution, de transmission, de stockage.Les Utilisateurs autorisent également que leur nom puisse être associé au Contenu et acceptent que cette association ne soit pas toujours faite.Par leur publication, les Utilisateurs autorisent qu'un Contenu puisse devenir automatiquement accessible sur internet, notamment sur d'autres sites et/ou blogs et/ou pages web du site Promesse de fleurs incluant notamment les pages des réseaux sociaux et le catalogue de Promesse de fleurs. Il n'a pas d'exigence particulière sur le sol mais préfère les terrains bien drainés, sans excès d'eau.. Common Name: Viburnum TreeLatin Name: Viburnum tinusSoil: Moderately fertile, moist, well drained soilPosition: Full sun or partial shadeFlowering period/colour: December to April/WhiteHardiness: Fully hardyEventual height/spread: 3m x 3m (Can be pruned to retain shape)Special features: Dark blue-black fruit.This 3 year old Viburnum tree has been trained in to a lolly-pop shape which can be retained by … Qté minimale possible Il produit de petits fruits noirs. Commonly known as Lucidum or Viburnum Tree, these evergreen trees have attractive glossy leaves on a long clear stem. Flowers look wonderful picked when in bud. In addition to its attractive slender and pointed leaves, these Viburnum Tinus Eve Price Topiary plants produce long lasting, highly decorative, flower buds from late autumn up until spring. May 29, 2014 - Stock Photo 4141-12552: Download standard viburnum viburnum tinus flowering in pot by door species native to mediterranean region Stock Photos. Pack of 2. Die Sorte Viburnum tinus ‘Variegatum’ trägt weiß-grün panaschierte Laubblätter und wird deshalb auch unter dem Namen Buntblättriger Mittelmeer-Schneeball geführt.

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