Cutting too low, and especially to the bottom of the grass crowns, results in lawns that cannot resist weeds. All grass varieties should be mowed at or near their optimal mowing height. Printable grass cutting height chart. Grass that's too short also struggles to fight and defend against weeds, making your lawn susceptible to overgrowth. ADJUST YOUR MOWER HEIGHT. Measure the grass plants after mowing a very small area, then adjust your mower as necessary. You should note that when mowing, the first mowing removes the dead grass blades. Once you are done with the first mowing, reset the blades to the recommended height and mow again as soon as the grass starts getting green. Determining the best mowing height can be debated for all regions and turfgrass species. The proper grass height for both of these varieties is ½” to 1½” high. This is where photosynthesis occurs, which produces root and shoot growth. Basically, the lower the mowing height, the greater the cultural intensity required to take care of the grass (think micromanaged golf greens versus low-maintenance lawns). Cool-season grasses are the most common turfs used in Pennsylvania yards. Always collect the clippings. The proper mowing height for buffalo grass is 2″ to 3″ high. By cutting grass too short, you remove a good portion of the blade. For instance, shift the cutting deck higher in drought conditions and allow grass to grow longer. You must also consider what season it is when mowing your grass. Continue around a 2″ height until the lawn is dormant; Mowing Buffalo Grass Different Heights for Different Seasons. For instance, cool-season grass is at its best when cut at its recommended highest while warm-season grass is the opposite being a shorter recommended cut range. They are from solid sources, which are listed at the end of this post. This will keep grass healthy and dense (highest number of shoots per unit area). Mowing as the lawn needs it is essential. Among these are fine fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and tall fescue. Keep the grass at 1.5″ to 2.5″ in height, gradually raising the grass height leading up to the hotter weather; Mow Bermuda once every 5 to 7 days, which protects your lawn from disease and thatch build-up; Fall. Lawns should be mowed according to the rate of grass growth; remember not to remove more than one-third of the grass leaf in any one cutting. Mow at a consistent height (See our guide). Bermuda and zoysia are additional types of grass grown throughout Texas. [More tools for lawn mowing guys – go here.] The best way of going about it is setting the mower blade ½ inch lower than the recommended height of your Bermuda grass. Higher density means more soil surface shading, which severely restricts the germination of many annual grassy and broadleaf weeds. Of course, you need to know how to set the mowing height on your lawn mower. Select the proper mowing height for your lawn. Ensure the blade is sharp. Determining your grass type is an important part in deciding your mower’s ideal height. (It is fairly easy to remove the blade and have it sharpened). A height of two inches is fine when grasses are rapidly growing, but the height should be raised as growth slows, stress increases, and when the lawn is in shade. The chart below is not some random numbers gathered from the weedy edges of the internet! Mow regularly, at least once per week when grass is growing. Always mow your lawn at the recommended cutting height. Cutting at the ideal height, regardless of season and conditions, results in lush, healthy lawns that fend off weeds, drought and disease. Standard mowing heights for sports turf grasses are between 1 and 3 inches, depending on the sport and the amount of maintenance the turf receives. Our top mowing tips. In fact, cutting your grass too short can damage the soil and the grass itself.

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