List of Zipcodes in Jacksonville, Florida; ZIP Code: ZIP Code Name: Population ZIP code 32256. Outlined below is a zip code list for Jacksonville. Read More – Dubai Map, Colorado Springs Map, Map of Alabama, Oregon county Map, Central America Map, San Diego map of jacksonville zip codes neighborhoods If you have a printed map then you just need to take it out of your bag and check the place and you can also find the tourist places, hotels and dine places in that area. The Census also indicates that there are one or more nursing homes nearby. This map was created by a user. If you would like to print a ZIP code map of a particular area, enter the ZIP code you would like the map centered around. List of All Zipcodes in Duval County, Florida; ZIP Code: ZIP Code Name: Population The Duval County, FL Zip Code Map Premium Style is available in sizes up to 9x12 feet. Easily fill out PDF blank, edit, and sign them. Basic info populationraces incomecareers housing education others. The sunless citadel grove l... How to use fast travel and points of interest. Custom ZIP Code Map. text-align: center; Note - the 2nd page for selected maps contains insets for cities/towns. Select a particular jacksonville zip code to view a more detailed map and the number of business residential and po box addresses for that zip codethe residential addresses are segmented by both single and multi family addessses. ... Download Your DUVAL County Zip... Duval County, FL Zip Code and Maps -™ ZIP code 32221. ( 'fetch' in window ) || document.write( '