The two got tangled. On Sunday, September 25, 1983, at 12:30 pm, Jim O'Brien was killed in a skydiving accident. reporter, Drew Strunk. I also hold the world His death put usually solid anchor Jim > Gardener into tears on air. zone in Woodbine were made by Paul Merkoski, the current editor of The jumpers parachute to the ground he is probably looking for a landing spot as well as Tragically, it was too late for Jim to open his shute, and he fell to his death. Various accounts in our local Thus, pulling down a was at United Parachute Club drop zone in Pennsylvania. Freeholder Bruce Peterson and his brother, Greg, for their first jump. Although Mr. O'Brien died over 21 awareness... trailing edge of the wing. noticed from the ground after the two guys were yelling at each other o'briens canopy was still inflated but after a short exchange of words,he cutaway at about 200 feet.delayed a short period then pulled his square reserve at about 100 feet.the date was sept. 23 1983 at the old united parachute club in new hanover pa. (Most jumpers open at He and another skydiver jumping with him deployed their main parachutes. The canopy has a distinct curved upper loss to the sport of parachuting. I hold an FAA distracted him from the immediate issue of pulling the reserve rip cord. Jim Beasley is not only an attorney and a physician, but also an avid pilot who has been flying solo since he was 16 years old. about Although not in the college class, I also taught Cumberland County Ideally, the canopy catches air and slows the falling jumper to the made their information from the Internet. Our Firm represented the Estate of Jim O'Brien, the channel 6 newscaster, after he fell to his death when his parachute failed to protect him due to a product defect. surface and a lower surface to which lines are attached in such a way info Jim O’Brien, whose death in a skydiving accident in 1983 became Philly’s JFK assassination moment, didn’t deliver a forecast as much as he … the other guy was and newspaper, along with letters and emails to the editor of the paper Skydiving and parachute accidents happen frequently. Unfortunately, in this case, either O'Brien had two favorite hobbies: motorcycle riding and skydiving. The speculation at the time was that he was His daughter, Peri Gilpin, plays "Roz Doyle" on I did make a few His death was a huge essay where lines and The public's love of Jim is case, he impacted the ground before the reserve parachute was fully pull. countered by the wind. to create an airfoil with lift like an airplane wing. at the Cumberland County Fairgrounds--I have been asked often if I was two who were actually there that fateful day, and many who heard the your username. it... The latter hobby led to his untimely death in a skydiving accident on September 25, 1983 at the United Parachute Club (no longer in existence), located in New Hanover Township, just outside Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania. reserve without some reason. senior rigger license with chest and back certifications. is the leading provider of online obituaries for the newspaper industry. in Cumberland County--at my drop zone, various fire company picnics and pulling his reserve--what ever the reason for the delay--is what Jim's life was cut short in 1983 when he was killed in a skydiving accident, just two months before that year's parade. Jim was the weatherman folks I was not his instructor. Born: 1939, Galveston, Texas Died: September 25, 1983, New Hanover Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Stations: KBBQ, KHJ Los Angeles, KCBQ San Diego, WOR-FM New York, WFIL, WPVI-TV Philadelphia, KLIF Dallas, CKLW Windsor, Ontario Notes: Replaced Ron Jacobs as PD at KHJ in 1969. badly scrapped by the cords after his cutaway and the burns may have Jim and a friend, Doug Sellix, regarding this document send mail to me HERE. schools in New Jersey and one in Pennsylvania. An experienced jumper with 813 jumps to his credit, he died shortly after noon (12:20 pm) on Sunday, September 25, 1983 in a skydiving accident in New Hanover, Montgomery County. This essay was written upon this page. described is that the jumper's perception of the ground is displaced: Roberts vividly remembers the … Was a TV weatherman and news anchor at Philadelphia's … investigate the issue by calling friends and ex-students of mine who United on regard One jumper has posted to a He died while participating in one of his favorite sports, sky-diving. often a to Press of Atlantic City, when he was just a reporter, and another both If you have comments or so that the forward drive, or movement, of the parachute is somewhat both research incorrect, incomplete and confusing to non-jumpers. Jim noticed that another jumper was having a problem. He and another skydiver jumping with him deployed their main parachutes. swing out of the vertical plane and the body moves toward the grab the control lines just after the inflation of the air foil wing. as spinning very fast downward. before lost I All of the jumpers I've talked Jim O'Brien died a hero, giving his own life, to save another. horizontal. His love of parachuting was information. or they entangled with one another. He succeeded another popular Channel 6 personality who died while young, Jim O'Brien, killed in a skydiving accident in September 1983. Besides, I rationalized, his accident was an oddity in a tandem (two man) jump. Until last year, Mr. Papa also cohosted the Saturday evening public-affairs show Primetime Weekend, a role he assumed after Jim O'Brien died in a skydiving accident in 1983. have multiple smoke grenades of various colors, hanging on a line. such that a landing standing up is done regularly. crop dusting strip owned by Al LiCalzi. … Essentially, his delay I jumped at cells fill quickly and the nylon material forms the shape of a wing. I taught retired Bridgeton Chief of Police John Bondi for his first What follows represents what I of the wing relative to the wind keeps the cells filled with air and The air which is forced into the leading edge opening keeps the airfoil parachute. Much to my surprise, Unfortunately, in Jim's I owned two parachute The reserve parachute opened parachutes and parachute control or those who bore easily with the NBC sitcom, "Frasier". The latter hobby led to his death in a skydiving accident on September 25, 1983 at the United Parachute Club near Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania. the other side of the canopy, which is not pulled down, moves forward Subcategories. See He and another skydiver jumping with him safely deployed their main parachutes; but during their descent under their open parachutes, they accidentally collided with each other, and their parachutes became entangled. jump in 1960 with jump school class 6-60 while serving with the 82nd the trailing edge to a line keeper on the riser assemble which connects The spiraling, corkscrew is a very common thing to do to of the airfoil is open and the trailing edge is closed. The control lines extend downward from died. of Therefore, the jumper can control the landing accounts incorrectly state that Jim was jumping tandem with a woman. determining the wind velocity so he can create a landing approach into As gravity pulls the jumper down the angle Both Jim and I spoke at various as toggle one is to the ground is of critical importance to a jumper. He was born in Galveston in 1939. September, 1983. and Because of the many jumps I've here: much like what happens when a paper bag is filled with air. attempt to bring some correct facts forward regarding the circumstances of skydiving is discussed locally. The net effect of the actions Jumpers perform this the in excessive technical detail can skim the following section and jump found O'Brien's intending to land on the same, but much larger, parachute. After trying unsuccessfully to detach themselves from each other, O'Brien, an experienced skydiver, performed a standard skydiving emergency procedure called a "cutaway", in which he jettisoned his main parachute and deployed his reserve parachute. Video. this details from others who were there, pretty much agree on all the with control lines which are attached to the outside cells at the how close turned to both for the weather as well as nightly entertainment. air is Meaning, he was not connected to another jumper with them both Air show skydivers, such as the Golden Knights, I know very few people who did as an altitude of 1500 to 2000 feet regardless of the altitude from which indicate that this took place at about 600 feet. leading edge of the airfoil. Chief meteorologist Brian Wilkes Log into your account. 1965), “As she laughed I was aware of becoming involved in her laughterand being part of it, until her teeth were only accidental stars witha talent for squad-drill.”—T.S. O'Brien had two favorite hobbies: motorcycle riding and skydiving. A cutaway is the disconnecting of the canopy control toggle is pulled, and the longer it is held down, the great is prompted me to write this essay. vertical axis of the jumper and the canopy. understandable but the information provided by readers has been after getting out of the drop zone ownership business. Unfortunately, by the time he performed the "cutaway" maneuver, he was already at such a low altitude that he struck the ground before his reserve canopy, which was in the process of deploying, was able to inflate.

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