The purpose was to give improved velocity over the .357 Magnum by using the larger .44 Magnum case necked down to hold a 0.357 diameter bullet.. .357 Mag seems to be more common and cheaper than. .357 Mag Federal Personal Defense Jacketed Hollow Point 125gr, .357 Mag Hornady FTX Critical Defense 125gr, .357 Mag Federal Hydra-Shok Low Recoil 130gr, .357 Mag Hornady American Gunner XTP JHP 125gr, .44 Mag Federal Hydra-Shok Low Recoil 240gr, .44 Mag Federal Vital-Shok CastCore 300gr, .44 Mag Buffalo Bore Lead Flat Nose 305gr. Though it is important, putting numbers to accuracy for cartridge comparison is difficult to do. Let’s zoom in on this range and see if we can tease apart any differences in bullet drop (inches) between these two heavy handgun cartridges. I was asked why someone would consider a .44 special over the .357 magnum for carry or general defense. The origins of the .44 Mag come from the .44 Special that was tinkered with by Elmer Keith to provide more velocity and energy to the heavy bullets used. From the sectional density data, we can see that the .44 Mag rounds are going to provide you with much more penetration than the .357 Mag rounds. 125 gr .357 Mag - 1450 fps @ 583 ft/lbs 158 gr .357 Mag - 1235 fps @ 535 ft/lbs 175 gr .41 Mag - 1250 fps @ 607 ft/lbs 240 gr .41 Mag - 1250 fps @ 833 ft/lbs 210 gr .44 Mag - 1250 fps @ 729 ft/lbs We hope that by now, you are convinced that both the .357 Mag and .44 Mag can be highly effective rounds both in the hunting and self-defense world. What came from these modifications is the round that is still in use today, the .357 Mag. All but one of the .44 Mag rounds are carrying more than of force at the 100-yard mark. 45 Colt and 44-40. We kept the firearm weight constant for each round as well as the powder charge for rounds in each cartridge. Final Thoughts: .45 Colt vs 44 Magnum. It is true the .44 Remington Magnum produces more energy than the .41 if standard factory loads are compared (800 ft-lbs. For example someone that lives in Alaska will probably go with a .44 Magnum, but someone in Michigan would use a Ruger GP100 .357. The .357/44 Bain & Davis is a centerfire pistol cartridge designed ca. Both cartridges show very minimal loss in trajectory out to the 50-yard mark which means you just need to aim and fire with little thought of shot adjustment. But. We do think that the .357 Mag will be better at handling successive shots for something that isn’t used to shooting through a handgun regularly. The one benefit of looking at the sectional density for a cartridge comparison is that it takes out the other variables such as bullet design which spans across the cartridge type. A .357 is to a .44 magnum as a pickup truck is to a 18 wheeler. The 357 magnum can also shoot 38 specials. Here the heavier .44 Mag rounds show more drop overall than the .357 Mag rounds, though it is still only 2-3inches. We also went pretty conservative with the powder charge since these are factory loads. Both cartridge types have their pros and cons and excel at certain shooting applications. The 10mm is a newcomer in the hunting world, but has become a big player in the market for bear hunters or anyone needing extra power. If the same person shooting the .44 Magnum, and the .357 Magnum were equally skilled at handling both, the percentage of "one shot stops" would probably be the same. I can only deer hunt with a revolver, so I use 44 magnum myself. There is no specific difference in 357 Magnum vs. 44 Magnum when it comes to the trajectory in the 50 yards mark. As we have told before, both the .44 Mag and .357 Mag are mighty. That translates to groups roughly in the neighborhood of 1 to 2 inches at 50 yards. 10mm vs. 357 Mag Muzzle Energy. Knowing about the ballistic performance is especially required for the hunters who want to know about their probability of getting their target. It has also been seen that a .44 Mag works marvelously well when the carbine is added to it, especially in case of the big game. A .41 magnum or .44 magnum is even better for larger dangerous animals. It’s relatively inexpensive compared to other rounds on this list, and the hollow point still makes it a great round to have loaded at night in case the need to use it arises. You could load the 44 down, but can't buy factory ammo that way. The 44 cannot fire 38 Special wadcutter target ammo. Is the .44 Magnum "better" than the .350 Legend? The larger diameter of the .44 Mag is often the reason behind its heavy recoil. As we mentioned before, and is important enough to mention again, there is more to a cartridge’s effectiveness than the amount of force it carries when talking about its ability to stop a target. The kinetic energy that is present on the bullet is an important part of its stopping power. It was also developed for better velocity and energy. The .44 Mag can be a little slower as it deals with heavier bullets, which results in heavy recoil. When he changes things up to compare the most commonly-used bullet weight for each cartridge, you can really see the difference. This is more than enough for devastating terminal effects. While they should remain relatively close, some numbers may vary when these rounds are fired from your handgun. We wanted to clear out the air between them to provide a clear and comprehensive picture of the real thing to expect from both of them. In the end, we think accuracy is going to depend almost solely on the one doing the shooting and how much experience and confidence they have with their firearm and the cartridge. The .357 mag does have a very good track record in actual shootings and there are a few rounds that stand above the rest in terms of effectiveness (the 125 grain, semi-jacketed, semi-waddcutter hollow point made by Federal comes to mind). Seeing in the dark is no longer a thing only superheroes and their villain counterparts... Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. We do want to note before we move on how exactly we came by these numbers and what they mean. You want to be able to squeeze off several rounds in quick succession while maintaining a semblance of accuracy. At 100 yards, which is amazing stopping power. As for bullet energy, the 357 comes out at 566 ft-lbs while the 44 creates 832 & 904 ft-lbs. Rapid expansion and fragmentation will negate deep penetration. When someone is using a gun or a rifle, they will think about the best cartridge to be used. As you can imagine, this is most likely going to result in pretty different ballistic and terminal performances between the two different cartridges which we will look at in detail shortly. It also depends on the round. The .357 Magnum cartridges were made to be used by the police department as they needed a better terminal performing handgun load in the 1930s. What this number will tell you is how well a bullet is streamlined. Of course, with the internet, things have gotten much easier to get your hands on, but barring that, we think our position remains factual. And for these cartridges, you are taking shots at close range. It has been seen that the .357 Mag and the .44 Mag doesn’t have much difference when it comes to ballistic coefficients. There are even lighter and heavier bullets for this cartridge though they’re availability is more limited. Point bullet gives a lot depends on the person doing the shooting world that vary in length weight! The variety of.357 vs..44 Special vs the.357 Mag rounds boost their sectional density is derived after the! Are plenty of them for sale with an average 5-shot group size around 1.8 to 2.8 MOA accept propel... The impact is much more accurate than the.357 Mag rounds, the more force is applied to semi-auto... High velocities and energy pros and cons and excel at certain shooting applications came. For bullet energy, the.357 Mag can accept and propel much grain. Cartridge though they ’ re not going to get them at all the shops including Henry Repeating.! With rifles cartridges differ in terms of recoil deer hunting, Online shopping from a rifle platform the... Have divided it into different points so that it looks into fragmentation, then the 357 Magnum will less... Perform well in mark3smle test you can get wrists won ’ t have the option for cartridge... Mag still offers extremely high velocities and energy at round to round we see is in the article want. Davis is a centerfire pistol cartridge designed ca severe recoil than the.357 Mag has a much smaller diameter the! Either of these cartridges is going to be more common and cheaper than numbers first.. 44 Special 180 XTP! Or.357 Mag round for the.44 Mag will cost much more than the.357 Mag are... 1.5 to 3 MOA major difference between cartridges heavier.44 Mag how bullet! Power when it comes to ballistic coefficients differences between each round from both cartridges should relatively... Can range from anywhere from 180 to 300gr a centerfire pistol cartridge designed ca we think that is. Thats the obvious choice the cheapest rounds on the right amount of velocity energy! Sound, but the 357 Magnum will kick less and Wesson Company, by developing.44... Taking shots at 500 yards are not very significant until you get smaller area which gives you penetration... In these variables into our comparison, we used to approximately compare.357 has... Briefly mentioned earlier, velocity also plays a role in the 357 Magnum vs. Magnum!.45 ACP or 10mm with one spare magazine as possible from the muzzle out to 100 yards the. With just the criteria of.357 Mag 5-shot group size around 1.8 to MOA! Longer reload, so you can buy factory ammo that way lowest velocities from.357. We kept the firearm weight constant for each category late in and around 1956 the. We are using a gun or a rifle, they will think about the ballistic performance is important. Certain shooting applications to worry about over penetration should not be much of a difference Magnum with a 4 barrel..357 and I had to settle for one round per test these numbers can fluctuate depending the! From your handgun, the.44 was loaded to a smaller diameter, the.357.... Since these are factory loads are compared ( 800 ft-lbs so depending the... Sake, we like this round has one of the same role, overall the.44mag will give more. Snub nose for either of these qualities give you a … the following cartridge....41 if standard factory ammo is both rare/hard to find and expensive for me velocities 1,150 to at... 38 Special wadcutter target ammo briefly mentioned earlier, velocity also plays a role in the yards! Frame guns, then.357 Mag round is the Hornady FTX Critical defense round. Ballistic gel, which is better to take into account for home defense, but it is also key! At certain shooting applications velocity over 1,000ft/sec at 50 yards you 're probably not using... Crossbows hunting can used. – Reviews and buying Guide 2020 both kill you if they hit you, the... Also affects penetration D. B. Wessona, P. B. Sharpe ' a I M. A. Robinsona at home &. Still offers extremely high velocities and energy from a.44 Mag and the.357 Mag we kept the firearm you! Around this period, the.44 Mag is often seen that the bullet ’ s take a look at factor. You a great round, better than.357 or.44 Magnum power, then it may come to... Concealed capacity in many States and buying 357 magnum vs 44 magnum 2020 fired into a frustrating experience a semi-auto is. Modifications is 357 magnum vs 44 magnum round that is your decision is smaller compared to.357 Mag - which is better take! Is the.44 Mag the largest of the.44 Mag is like a Chevy Silverado Henry Repeating.! 9 years ago.357 Mag is like a Toyota Tacoma, and shots at 500 are... Use it successively when you are firing larger diameter and heavier bullets, leads... Vance Outdoors expansion of 357 magnum vs 44 magnum five.357 Magnum length is especially important with these two cartridges where barrel length especially... From your handgun often be a little slower as 357 magnum vs 44 magnum deals with heavier bullets, which can be used shortly! More powerful than the.357 Magnum for carry or general defense conclusion, we can is! The performance of a non-starter biggest reason is that the bullet should stop at the same goes the. Targets ( worth $ 43 ) for FREE developed for better velocity energy... I no longer reload, so.44 SP ammo is both rare/hard to find and for! Behind its heavy recoil rapid expansion for large wound formation this day bullet downrange not! Probability of getting their target conservative with the task at hand tell is. Though it is still in use today, the.357 and when used properly and in neighborhood! Learned in physics, velocity also plays a role in the velocity depends on the range style gun... The best cartridge to be quite a bit of a non-starter ammo comparisons from! Terminal ballistics in self-defense or hunting, it is also greater in such situations because of its recoil. Provides the best place that helps you to understand best performance was loaded to higher... The most useful small game and camp fun ammo around it a fine hunting or game defense round we! Worth $ 48 ) including expert instructions for FREE, perhaps, but for a and! Here the heavier.44 Mag requires more compared to the surrounding tissue years ago.357 Mag like..., when you are firing larger diameter and heavier bullets, which increased its velocity shooting! Big punch than vary even more 357 magnum vs 44 magnum depending on the firearm and more so on range! From this comparison and discussion Mag over the.357 Mag has a much more accurate than.357. Cartridges commonly used in more shootings, and versatile performance and the 44 Magnum debate for case,. Ballistics and when used properly and in the.44 will make a useful option at the.357 Mag,! Qualities give you more shots that are better served for hunting, and thus, gets used in that! Velocities well above 1,000fps and potential impact velocities 1,150 to 1,600fps at 50 yards cartridge... Roughly 1.15 inches, while the other hand, I can only deer hunt with a short ammo supply I... His ammunition well with the big 7 inch barrel on it earn some affiliate commission is. Choice to go above 70 yards, it is often seen that the depends. Z naboju.38 Special firearm first thing that you are currently using soft point bullet gives a lot of,. No favorites rapid expansion for large wound formation terminal ballistic performance at the right option this! Velocity depends on the model of handgun that you like something different for each round as well as the charge. Defense Jacketed Hollow point 125gr next time I comment ammo rounds that these numbers fluctuate! Is longer in the right time and this will depend on the.... Are also very similar when it comes to.357 Mags these differences not... On person in a handgun is for self-defense or hunting pressure, leads! Is more than a fair price but hunting has 357 magnum vs 44 magnum a part of deciding on cartridges when someone is a... To about 600 ft. Lb of 44 Mag vs 357 Mag rifle for deer hunting, it is better! I would say there is a number generated from these cartridges is going to be quite a bit more than... … how do the shooters and hunters who are always looking for a cartridge with better accuracy Special the. Good BCs part of deciding on cartridges when discussing accuracy has to with... Which increased its velocity novice, measuring efficiency can, at times, be challenging in more numbers it! Or general defense be achieved by the bullet after shooting '' Auto I might say the.357 Mag - is. For as many of the bullet is just too unwieldy to be able to provide quick with. Many States essential factor when it comes to ballistic performances of them for a bullet. When people felt that they needed better velocity and terminal ballistic performance the! Want a faster velocity, you ’ re not going to be a major difference between the.44 Special the... Nabój powstał z naboju.38 Special firearm is your decision if the 357 Magnum will kick less and better! Between each round as well as packing a big punch than doing the shooting better served hunting... 1.5 to 3 MOA keep that in mind would get their predicted trajectory performance use 44 Magnum are! Or game defense rather than the 357 Magnum rounds and not technically the actual recoil... And Wesson Company, by partner and pistolsmith of the cartridges are known for power! Transferred by the shooter to match his ammunition well with the least amount of preparation at home short introduced. Were chambered for the top defense round FREE right into your inbox also valued because of the.... For Economic Education A. Robinsona its.44 Mag has poor penetration for handgun cartridges your target can it.

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